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TEDxBerlin 15/11/10 – Maha Alusi – Moments of Happiness

A storyteller from an early age, Maha Alusi was born in the city of a thousand and one nights, to a family with a history of storytelling, spiritual healing, philosophical teaching and writing.

She studied in the inspirational city of London, at the avantgarde Architectural Association School of Architecture. Her creativity was nurtured in Berlin, Maha’s home for the last seventeen years. Here her passion for visualising time has manifested itself through short story writing and creating art, including:

‘The Media Garden’, a 30 metre installation of poetry in motion. A time Machine created for the German Pavilion, Expo 2000, Hannover.

‘Alusi Ephemeral Art’, founded in 2004, selling the concept of time passing, in the form of art works of wax consumed by the music of changing flames.


Moments of happiness and life visions | Maha Alusi | TEDxUniPaderborn

Happiness is something we should not wait for. Happiness is something we could create – but how?


EveryoneSomng are weekly music and story telling sessions in Berlin guided by Maha Alusi and Nicole Yazolino