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It’s About Time

It’s About Time:
The Sport of Dialogue

Short Synopsis

The beautiful being of time visually expressed in the space for people to create an alternative reality from an emerging dynamic. The reader travels through a compilation of short stories inspired by daily-life encounters giving solutions from a different perspective.

Since the 150-year study of the mind, today’s research has established the tool of communication through dialogue. It enables people to realize the natural progression for humanity to achieve a peaceful being. In the past 30-years, this science took the form of a one-sided, trained dialogue which enables people to unveil their own capacities, lead by trained, trainers. Today, there is the sport of dialogue, and its training needs two people and is accessible to everybody. The fitter we are in the sport of dialogue, the more expansive our universe appears.

The co-authors, Maha Alusi from Generation X and Yasmine Genena, a Millennial, take the reader on a journey, unveiling the beautiful being of time, exercising the sport of dialogue, jumping time into one another’s being.

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EveryoneSomng are weekly music and story telling sessions in Berlin guided by Maha Alusi and Nicole Yazolino

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