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Strangers will be Friends

Weekly music and story telling sessions

EveryoneSong – Stangers will be friends – is a social project initiated by Maha Alusi in collaboration with Nicole Yazolino.

When the times are rough and we are not clear what is happening to us we turn around to our friends who are in a better place for thier support. But what if we find ourselves in a place where we have no friends? Where we are complete strangers. In a time when life is at its toughest. Who is there to offer us the warm space, the trust, the love and understanding for us to gather our strength. Because we can. We are strong. Together we can find out how strong we all are.

What we do is, that we come together once a week. We listen to our favorite songs and we tell personal stories about our song choices. Whether you are from Iraq, the United Sates, Germany or Syria. You have a heartbreak story.

You have the Song that reminds you of your mom.

You have the song that reminds you of that “One time in the summer when there were the stars and you where with your friends”.

We all share the same stories – Just at different times and different locations.

Nicole Yazolino


Coming soon, the new book It's About Time by Maha Alusi and Yasmine Genena
About Time